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Using the Right Service

choose the right service for your care

At Kingswood Medical Group (Kingswood Surgery and Carfax Medical Centre), we understand that when you or a loved one is unwell, it may not always seem clear which health service you should use.

Self care: for minor cuts and grazes, bruises and minor sprains, coughs and colds. Visit our Self help guide.

Visit your pharmacy: for minor illnesses, headaches, stomach upsets, bites and stings

NHS 111: If you feel unwell or need help, contact 111 either online or by phone.

GP advice: For persistent symptoms, chronic pain and long term conditions

Accident & Emergency: For choking, chest pain, blacking out or serious blood loss call 999

The picture below, should help make it simpler to understand which service is the right one to use.

Also, if you are going on holiday in Great Britain, do not forget, that if you are unwell whilst you are away, you can visit a local Pharmacy for advice or call NHS 111.

You can also go to our Who Should I See? page for further information.

Need to speak to a GP, but do not need to come to the surgery?

Should you simply need to speak to a doctor, but do not require a face-to-face appointment, you can use the LIVI service.

This is an app, that uses a camera on a device (phone, tablet or PC with video) and you can arrange to speak to doctor, at a time that is convenient to you.

Free, early morning, evening, and Saturday appointments available, on your device.

  • Monday to Friday 7.00am to 10.00pm
  • Saturday 9.00am to 5.00pm

Find out more about the LIVI service

which service to use

which service to use