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COVID & Flu vaccines in the community – Tuesday 17th October 2023

To help protect your immune system this winter, you can get the COVID and flu vaccines, if you are:

  • Over 65
  • or 65 by 31st March 2024
  • Have a health condition that affects your immune system
  • Live with someone immunosuppressed.

When – Tuesday 17th October, Broad Green Community Centre

Where – Broad Green Community Centre, Salisbury Street, Swindon, SN1 2AN

Time – 9.15am-12.15pm

Book or drop in for your COVID and flu vaccines

Call on 01793 534699 or 01793 541 655

Or use the link on the text, sent to your mobile number.

Information poster in English

covid and flu vaccination clinic poster


Information poster in Nepalese

flu and covid clinics poster - nepalese


Information poster in Urdu

flu and covid clinics poster - urdu


Information poster in Tamil

information poster in tamil for the flu and covid event