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Number of patient appointments and phone calls in May 2023

kingwood medical group practice data for May 2023

At Kingswood Medical Group, we believe communication is very important and wanted to share key information with you, as our patients.

We have 27,562 patients.

Kingswood Medical Group and its amazing staff are doing their best to provide as many appointments to patients as possible.

We have 27,562 patients.

We provided 11,061 appointments in May 2023.

That is 40% of our patients, who had an appointment.

We also had 19,318 phone calls to the practices.  This is over 70% when compared to the number of patients.

Summary of data:

Appointments Face to Face – 10,131
Telephone appointments – 930
Appointments within 7 days of booking – 4,498
Inbound Calls – 19,318
Outbound Calls – 1,430
Average Call Waiting Time – 1 min 20 secs
Prescriptions issued – 8, 030
Referrals made – 445
Fit notes issued – 421
Appointments not attended – 719

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